Advertise on the Insights In Automation network of websites

Have an automation product or service you’d like to promote to our readers?

Or maybe you’re holding a seminar or trade show and need to reach automation customers in your area?

Well in both cases advertising on the “Insights In Automation” network of websites using Google AdWords is a very affordable way to achieve either of these goals.

And the best part is signing up with Google’s AdWords program is free and easy to do, as documented below by Google:

Google AdWords Basics

Once you’re all setup, you can choose exactly which websites your ad will run on using these instructions:

About managed placements

And to help simplify the process of advertising across our network, we provide “custom channels” spanning the following sites:





The above mentioned “custom channels” each represent a different ad location as detailed below:

  • Automation Sites Top Banners

This channel represents the top banner locations.

  • Automation Sites Right Sidebars

This channel represents the middle right sidebar ads.

  • Automation Sites Article Banners

This channel represents the wide banner ad found in many of our articles.

  • Automation Sites Article Right

This channel represents the 300×250 right rectangle ad found in many of our articles.

If you have any questions about the above information and advertising on Insights In Automation please feel free to contact us using this link.