Get free Tech Support and Training Courses:

Since launching my own business, I’ve received many requests for free email, phone, and in person technical support.

I’ve also had quite a few request for free or low cost vouchers for my training courses.

So in today’s article entitled “Free,” I list the top free resources available:

Free Tech Support:

As an automation consultant I offer free consulting via my website,

If you have a technical question, just find an existing article on a related topic and post your question as a comment.

Then if I or another reader knows the answer you’ll often get a response within a day or two.

What about free email, phone, and live consulting?

I currently do not offer free consulting via email, phone, or in-person.

I do offer paid consulting services at a rate of $100 per hour, and you can find out more about the services I’m currently offering at

NOTE: Rockwell does offer some free support services, and last time I checked they included:

  • Free telephone tech support on Component devices including the Micro800, as well as on Software Activations
  • Free online tech support via chat on Component devices including the Micro800, as well as on Software Activations at
  • Thousands of free Tech Notes in their knowledgebase at
  • Free user to user support forums at
  • And many Rockwell distributors also offer their customers free phone and in-person support as well

Free and Discounted Training Courses:

As an automation trainer I offer free and discounted training courses on my website,

And while not all of my courses are offered for free, many are listed at discounted rates.

I do also offer custom online paid training services at a rate of $100 per hour, and you can find out more about the training services I currently offer at

NOTE: Rockwell does offer some free training courses, and last time I checked they included:

  • Local Rockwell “on tour” courses
  • Regional Rockwell Automation on the Move trade shows
  • Annual Automation Fair
  • Note: Most of the training documents from the above sessions can be downloaded for free from
  • Note: Many Rockwell distributors also offer free and low cost training to their customers.


Shawn Tierney
The Automation Guy

What’s Next

The Last Few Months…

You may have noticed the frequency of my blogs, videos, and podcasts has slowed over the last two PVP Basicsmonths as I split my time between a WWTP SACADA project, and creating my very first PanelView course, PVP Basics.

That course, which is currently on sale at, took far longer to create than I had hoped, and after completing it I came to the conclusion that I needed to make some upgrades to my studio.

So What’s Next?

Now that I’ve completed the studio upgrades, my next goal is to produce several more PLC courses, with much of the needed PLC equipment now on order.

Why the focus on training courses?

Well, while I truly enjoy blogging and creating helpful how to videos, neither of those nor my Patreon backers and other donations come even close to paying the bills, whereas my training course have that potential.

So with that in mind, I’m focusing the next several weeks to updating my existing PLC Basics (intro to PLCs) course, as well as creating new courses on the Micro 800, MicroLogix, SLC-500, PLC-5, and Compact/ControlLogix.

Workbench PLC StuffEach will be a couple of hours in length, and I estimate each will take 40-80 hours to complete (it’s truly mind boggling how much time it takes to record, edit, render, and publish a video course!)

Each of these new courses will also forgo the raw basics of “what is ladder logic” and “what is a Bit, Byte, and Word” found in my PLC Basics course.

Instead, they will be designed for someone who has already taken that course, or has already programed another PLC, and wants to learn how to use the specific series covered by each course.

Hopefully if everything works out as planned I’ll be posting weekly updates here.

If you would like to submit your suggestions on what should be covered (which will also garner you a 50% off coupon!) check out any of the coming soon courses over at as each contains a feedback form.

Well, that’s it for todays blog post, have a great weekend!

Shawn Tierney

Who is “The Automation Guy”

Hello and welcome to the, a blog of somewhat random musings from the author of The Automation Blog, Podcast, Minute and School (that’s me.)

Shawn-at-Worcester-Water-Trade-Show-2002Let me start my first post by addressing the elephant in the room: Why did I give myself the title of “The Automation Guy?”

Well, aside form the fact that I’m the current owner of

Half a lifetime ago and only a year out of college I was very fortunate to find a job in the Automation Industry as an Rockwell Automation Distributor Automation Specialist.

Shawn Albany SLC- TrainingThat’s a fancy title for the employee who gets sent off to factory training a couple weeks a year so he’s able to answer customer product questions.

And I’m sure happens to most technical people supporting sales, I was often introduced as the “expert,” or “guru,” which I always felt implied that I had super-human levels of expertise and knowledge.

So to counter those lofty and misleading titles which my salepeople just seemed unable to stop using, I got in the habit of prempting them by introducing myself as a PLC, HMI, or SCADA “GUY” whenever I met with a new client

Shawn-on-PLC-Basics-SetFast forward a quarter century and I’m now self employed as an Automation Blogger, Trainer, and Consultant running multiple websites which start with “TheAutomation,” and it just sort of made sense to give myself the title of TheAutomationGuy.

That’s not to say I know everything about automation, or represent the world of automation  in any way shape or form.

It just simply reflects the fact that I’m the “automation guy” who writes PLC, HMI, and SCADA articles on, publishes videos and podcast at and, and teaches automation courses at

And of course, I’m also the current owner of too 🙂

Well that’sit for today – hope you all have a great rest of your week!


Shawn Michael Tierney
The Automation Guy