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Over two hours of PLC communications how-to


Good morning visitors, If you’re new to The Automation Guy blog, this is where I post about what I’ve working on over at The Automation Blog, Minute, Podcast, and School. Recently in preparation for recording some advanced communication lessons in …

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What I’ve been working on…


So you may be asking yourself, “where’s Shawn been?” as the updates to my blogs, videos, and podcasts have been a little sporadic. Well, for the last several weeks I’ve been focusing on remaking my two year old PLC Basics video …

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Get free Tech Support and Training Courses: Since launching my own business, I’ve received many requests for free email, phone, and in person technical support. I’ve also had quite a few request for free or low cost vouchers for my training courses. …

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What’s Next

Workbench PLC Stuff

The Last Few Months… You may have noticed the frequency of my blogs, videos, and podcasts has slowed over the last two months as I split my time between a WWTP SACADA project, and creating my very first PanelView course, PVP Basics. That course, …

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Who is “The Automation Guy”


Hello and welcome to the, a blog of somewhat random musings from the author of The Automation Blog, Podcast, Minute and School (that’s me.) Let me start my first post by addressing the elephant in the room: Why did …

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